Free downloadable deep muscle relaxation track

I am attaching an MP3 track to this blog that you are welcome to download. I would be grateful if this track be used solely for personal use and not copied or distributed to others.

Relaxation is often a key part of cognitive behavioural therapy. It is certainly relevant to individuals experiencing anxiety and stress. The link between our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and our psychical health is often misunderstood. Many people visiting their GP with complaints such as aches and pains, poor sleep patterns, and difficulty relaxing, often discover that these can be traced back to ongoing problems in their lives.

It is advisable to practice the relaxation techniques on this track at least once a day. Often people will choose to listen to the track before bed if getting to sleep has become a problem. In cases of acute anxiety or stress, it can be helpful to practice a number of times during the day. Avoid using the track whilst driving or operating machinery as the effects can have a sedative effect.

Make sure you find a quiet space at a time when you will not be disturbed by the phone or other people. In order to achieve the full effects of deep muscle relaxation , this exercise should be practiced on an ongoing basis. Just like any form of exercise, practice does pay off.

If you do suffer from physical problems, be sure to consult your GP in advance of using this exercise.

Please click on the link below to access the track from DropBox:

Deep Muscle Relaxation Track