Teenager with ADHD

Vicki Ritson is an experienced psychotherapist, who has delivered Mindfulness theory and practice to individuals over the past two years. She began using Mindfulness herself as an aide to her well-being in 2010 and now uses it in private practice and community groups.

Vicki is enthusiastic about the benefits of Mindfulness including, psychological, behavioural and emotional gains, and wishes to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Mindfulness was originally a Buddhist practice but for many years has been recognised as a powerful tool in stress reduction. It now has evidence-based scientific backing, proving the effects of practice on the brain structure and the processes involved in mind and body function.

It is used in the NHS and is particularly helpful for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. However, you do not need to be struggling with poor mental health to benefit. The practice is an ideal antidote to the frantic modern world we find ourselves in, offering insight into the brain’s capacity to find balance in the face of chaos.

Testimonials –

“Mindfulness has changed the way I respond to my emotions and opened up a part of my mind I never knew existed”


“Everyone can benefit from Mindfulness, it should be on the curriculum at school!”


“prior to participating in the Mindfulness course, I had very little hope about anything. I have since started to gain a perspective in life where before this was warped”