Psychotherapy explained

Empathy (english tag cloud)What does treatment involve?

When you have CBT, you work with your therapist to develop ways to understand and manage your own perceptions / behaviours / condition. You will explore your thoughts and behaviour in detail and learn to be more in charge of these.

From an early stage your CBT therapist will assign you tasks to perform between sessions. These tasks are an important part of the treatment. For most clients, improvements happen between therapy sessions.

Your CBT therapist usually spends some time with you understanding past events that might have contributed to your present condition, but this is not the main focus of the work. The main focus is to allow you to have a normal life and be in charge of your own future.

How long does treatment take?

Your CBT therapist usually uses the first one or two sessions to make an assessment of your condition / presenting problem, and to formulate a treatment plan.

The treatment plan will include an estimate of the number of treatment sessions required. Between four and ten treatment sessions is typical.

Some clients improve unexpectedly quickly, and require fewer sessions than was estimated. Some clients improve more slowly, and might be offered additional sessions.

The benefits of CBT can be ongoing as during your treatment you acquire tools and skills that you can use throughout the rest of your life without necessarily involving a therapist.


An initial CBT assessment is required for all clients and will last between 60 and 75minutes. Subsequent (treatment) sessions will last approximately 50 minutes.

Clients are asked to arrive in good time for their session and your therapist requires a minimum of 48 hours notice of a cancellation. Failure to do so may require you to pay in full for the session.

Payment can be made to the therapist in cash or by cheque at the beginning of each session or, alternatively, by bank transfer on an agreed date.


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