4 Displays for Opening a New Candy Shop

4 Displays for Opening a New Candy Shop

Nothing, it seems, could be more exciting or fun than opening a new candy shop. Everything in the shop is colorful, delightful, and delicious. For children, a candy shop is heaven on earth, and even adults can’t help trying some clever new confection. And you, the owner, get to see the smiles on people’s faces every day.

Of course, opening a new candy shop is a lot of work. A thousand decisions need to be made—most of which come down to two vital questions: what candy will you sell, and how will you display that candy? There are almost an infinite number of choices when it comes to in store displays, but here are some basic ideas to get you started.

Acrylic Bins with Scoops. If you’re opening a candy shop, much of the candy you sell will not be wrapped; it will be loose, sold by weight, and customers will scoop it into little bags. The best way to display this loose candy—while meeting health department codes—is to store it in acrylic bins that have hinged lids. This way the customers can see what you have, but won’t be able to run sticky hands over it unless they intend to buy it. The scoop inside the bin lets customers measure out exactly how much candy they want.

Step Displays. These come in a variety of matierals and sizes, including wire racks and plastic racks, but are vital equipment for anyone opening a new candy shop. Step displays allow you to conserve counter space by stacking things, yet they allow you to display things by having each level of the steps extend a little further than the one below it. They come in 2, 3 or 4 steps, and can be made out of acrylic, plastic, or wire.


Slatwalls. A slatwall is a system of paneling that includes periodic indentions where bins, containers, shelves, or other display items can be hung. These store display fixtures are absolutely essential for anyone who wants to open a candy store. Since hanging containers such as bins, cubes, or baskets can be slid right out of the indentions, you can rearrange your displays as often as you find necessary, to maximize your sales and visual appeal.

Countertop displays. These can include glass or plastic fishbowls, cubes, old-fashioned jars, hexagons, or almost any other small containers that sit on the countertop where they encourage good feelings and impulse buys.

When you’re opening a new candy shop, the way you choose to display your new product will help your shop be the inviting, exciting place a candy shop should be. If you use the supplies listed above, you should have a colorful, delightful, and delicious establishment for many years to come.