5 Must-Watch Amazon Prime Docs About Canadian Weed

that have come with marijuana legalization. In an effort to educate and inspire, these documentaries include information that touches all aspects of marijuana’s influence on our lives: from politics, health, economy, to even gang-affiliated content. This new method for cannabis education and awareness is actually a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon, consuming your favorite flower while learning about it.

What’s even better? Many of these docs have a Canadian focus, and we at Calm Collectiv couldn’t be happier. Check out this list of our favorite documentaries around Canadian weed that cover everything you need to know about marijuana.

Kid Cannabis (2014)

Cannabis Legalisierung

Meet Nate Norman. A seemingly normal Idaho teenager, Norman is anything but! Indeed, he is an enterprising teen who runs a drug smuggling business his group of stoner friends bringing in illegal cannabis from Canada into Idaho.

Hearing that just north of the border, Canadian weed was the best weed, he sets off to capitalize on this. “I was this high school dropout, but I ran a disciplined, US$68-million a year business,” Norman shares in the trailer.

As you can expect, things don’t always remain peachy. Join along on the journey that ends up escalating into violence and Norman ends up in a not-so-great space, in the documentary, and in real life. Tune in and watch how Norman navigates through the ins and outs of the illegal cannabis market in Idaho, which is still illegal for recreational and medicinal cannabis use. Fun fact: Idaho is the only remaining state that does not have any laws recognizing the medicinal properties and values of cannabis.