A Fool-Proof Guide to Health: Green Tea with Lemon

Everybody’s well aware that over the last decade,A Fool-Proof Guide to Health: Green Tea with Lemon Articles green tea has become a very popular beverage of choice. So why is green tea so popular? Is it a health elixir? Well, research has shown that drinking green tea can be beneficial to your health in multiple ways. Green tea is special because it is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves. It isn’t oxidized like conventional black tea or oolong tea. What makes green tea such a superstar in the health and nutrition industry is the fact that it’s full of essential antioxidants. Antioxidants are an important part of nutrition. The human body requires antioxidants to be at its optimal health! And if you choose to add lemon to green tea, it becomes even better for you! To learn about the innumerable health benefits of consuming green tea with lemon juice, read on!
How to Make the Perfect Cup Of Green Tea With Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C. When you add a bit of lemon juice to green tea, it boosts the antioxidant quotient of the beverage. To make the perfect cup of green tea with a bit of lemon juice, follow the recipes given below:
For a hot beverage

Heat up a cup of water but make sure that it’s not boiling hot water. In your favorite mug, add a green tea bag and pour in the water. Let the bag steep for 2-3 minutes. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice after removing the tea bag and enjoy your delicious cup of green tea!
For a cold beverage

Warm up a cup of water (don’t wait till the water boils). Take a tall glass and add a bag of green tea to it. Then pour in the warm water and let this mixture steep for 2-3 minutes. After this, add as much ice as you want to the glass and stir lightly. Finish off by adding some lemon juice to the cold drink. You can even add a little bit of honey if you wish! A delicious and healthy cold drink that you can enjoy whenever you’re craving soda or a cold beverage!
Health benefits of green tea with a few drops of lemon juice

Adding lemon juice to your cup of green tea amps up the medicinal properties of your beverage. By doing this, you’ve made yourself a beverage that is anti-inflammatory and wonderful for your immunity. Here are the top health benefits of consuming this beverage:

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Great for Digestion

Whether you’ve had a light meal or a heavy meal, have a cup of this elixir after your meals. Green tea is full of catechins. Catechins are compatible with the acid found on the lining of your stomach. The lemon juice in the tea helps your body absorb six times more catechins. Green tea is also loaded with compounds that lower the rate of iron assimilation from the food you’ve consumed. To put it very simply, green tea is a great beverage if you suffer from digestive issues. Your body will be able to absorb a lot more nutrients from the food that you eat if you follow up your meals with a cup of green tea.
Your Skin And Hair Will Thank You!

So, now you know having green tea can work wonders for your gut health and how efficiently your body absorbs nutrients. But, did you know that green tea with a few drops of lemon juice will make your hair and skin look better? Yes, your skin will be protected from infections because of the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of green tea. This health elixir is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A that helps in hair growth. The vitamins in green tea and lemon juice control the amount of DHT produced by your scalp. This, in turn, allows your scalp to stay healthy. You will have long, shiny locks by drinking this beverage!
Beneficial For Diabetics

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, it means that your blood sugar levels spike up easily or your blood sugar levels are high due to inadequate insulin production. If you want to regulate your blood sugar levels, lemon juice and green tea can work wonders for you. Green tea bags often contain ginger in them. Ginger is rich in zinc. Zinc is great for producing and secreting insulin. Insulin in turn will keep your blood sugar levels under control. The high antioxidant content of green tea, as well as lemon juice, can also help your body deal with the other side effects of diabetes. These include heart problems, blood pressure, and so on.
Higher Metabolic Rate


One of the biggest reasons green tea is popular in the wellness and health industry is because it’s great for those who want to lose weight or lower the fat percentage of their body. BMR is a big part of successful weight loss. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. If you have a high BMR, it means that your body can burn more calories. When you have green tea with some lemon juice, it has a positive impact on the body’s BMR. Green tea can increase the BMR of your body by 4% per day. This means that you approximately end up burning 70 calories more per day.
Higher Antioxidant Retention in Your Body

Early research on the health benefits of drinking green tea showed that green tea is rich in antioxidants. As mentioned earlier, when you add lemon juice, the antioxidant quotient of the beverage increases. Later studies have shown that green tea can also increase the amount and types of antioxidants your body retains after you consume this beverage (make sure you add the lemon juice). Even after digestion has taken place, your body ends up retaining rare antioxidants. Approximately 80% of the catechins in green tea are retained in your body if you add some lemon juice to your green tea. The catechins present in green tea are beneficial for preventing heart problems, cancer, etc. The vitamin C from lemon juice helps in stabilizing the catechins in green tea in the intestines.

Now you know how beneficial this beverage is for you. Go ahead and get some green tea for yourself and optimize your health!