Baby swing – parents’ lifesaver or unnecessary expense?

Babies love swinging, Baby swing – parents’ lifesaver or unnecessary expense? Articles rocking, cuddling and hugging. In parents arms they fell safe and warm. It helps them to calm down. However, if parent had to rock the baby before each nap or every time baby is fussy or crying, it would be really tiring. It’s easier with newborns, when they weigh 6 or 7 pounds, but when the baby gets older and heavier, after few minutes of rocking and swinging your arms start to hurt you. That’s why the baby swings are so popular.

Of course many people say that baby shouldn’t be used to rocking or falling asleep when swinging, but sometimes this is the only way to put kids to sleep or sooth them. Sometimes parents are so tired that they desperately need a help – and here comes the baby swing. Sometime they have to do the housework or just need a moment for themselves