Banners Do Bring Traffic!

cost efficient manners of gaining targeted responses to
visit your web site.

To benefit from this form of online advertising you must
have a web page. It would also be preferable, though
not essential, if the traffic to your web page is already

The reason is that banner exchange programs base the number
of times they display your banner on others web pages based
on how many times their banners are viewed on your web page.

And although a banner that belongs to someone else that
is then displayed on your web site is like an exit for your
visitor to leave, the positives far outweigh any
possible negatives.
2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

Here are a few tips to improve your responses and increase
your visibility via banners:

NEVER put a banner on your main entry page unless that
banner is yours! When that banner is clicked it will take
your visitor to another web page within your own site.

It takes a great deal of very hard work to build a steady
flow of traffic to your web site. After doing all that hard
work, does it not seem foolish to allow your visitor to leave
immediately? Especially if it is to someone else’s web page?

If you must have a banner on your entry page, make it your
own banner that will take your visitor elsewhere within
your own web site. Or make it to another web site but one
that provides you with a commission.