Botox – Smoothing Out Wrinkles For A More Youthful Appearance

the lines between your eyebrows, lines across your forehead, and the lines around the corners of your eyes often referred to as crow’s feet. You may also be provided with information about the ingredients used in this wrinkle treatment. It is essentially a purified protein that reduces the muscle activity that typically causes the formation of wrinkles over time. All you need are a few small injections to tighten the muscles and allow the skin to smooth out gradually. The result of this treatment usually reveals a more youthful, fresher appearance.

lunchtime results
lunchtime result

search Botox is usually administered in the office of board certified plastic surgeon. The best choice in surgeons to perform this wrinkle treatment is one who is employed at a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic that uses the most innovative techniques and medical equipment available. The skill this surgeon provides will make the treatment as painless as possible and you will receive the best results. During your consultation, your surgeon may discuss other procedures with you that can be combined with this wrinkle treatment, such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Sculptra (injectable fillers) in order to provide you with further enhancement. Combining 2 treatments into 1 within the same office visit can help you achieve a natural, healthier looking appearance.

If you have moderate to severe wrinkles on your face in areas around your eyes, between your eyes, or around your nose, you may be interested