Can You Setup A Web Hosting Server In Your Home or Office?

Many of our friends who feel that they have outgrown shared hosting or a VPS service, often ask us whether they can setup a Dedicated Hosting Server in their own Home or Office to cut costs. Of course it is possible and has been done before by many companies, however, it may not always be a prudent option for a small or medium business and sometimes not a good idea for a large business too. This article explains what it entails to host your website or web apps from your own office or home.

Server Room

While this may sound unnecessary, if you really want to do things professionally, you should have a dedicated server room which houses the server on which you are going to host your website or resources. This server room needs to have 24 x 7 facilities as given below. Many server hardware providers will not provide you with a warranty or may void the warranty if you do not have a dedicated server room with these facilities. The server room can be locked to ensure cleanliness and also for physical security of the infrastructure. Server Rooms need to have special ducting and cabling to accommodate all the physical connections to it. Servers are usually mounted in Server Racks, which house the Network Switches, Cables and peripherals.