Extradition: Conditional Requirement

1. The crime must be considered an offense,Extradition: Conditional Requirement Articles be punishable in both countries and punishment must be imprisonment.

2. The crime that is the subject of extradition must be punishable under the law of the country requesting extradition (Requesting Country) with a sentence of at least one year where investigations have already been carried out.

3. 2 countries must have the same treatment towards each other for e.g. two countries can agree to exchange criminals or receive criminal’s at a later date from the other country.

4. If a criminal’s remaining sentence is less than 6 months in prison the UAE will not give him back to the requesting country.

5. If the criminal has a judgment against him the sentence must be at least 6 months, in order for the requesting country to have the criminal back.

6. Where a criminal escapes from prison e.g. comes to the UAE, the UAE will only give him back where he has 6 months or more imprisonment to complete.

7. Where a criminal commits more than one crime, and only one of them fits the criteria for extradition, it will be enough to send the criminal back to his country Cases where the UAE will not deliver a suspect of extradition under any circumstances are;

7.1 In certain cases of crimes related to military services
7.2 If the person is a UAE national citizen
7.3 If the case is within the jurisdiction of the UAE court
7.4 In case of political crimes, the UAE will only deliver the suspect in certain cicumstances;
a. If the crime is related to terrorism
b. If the suspect committed war crimes
c. If the suspect committed racial crimes
d. If the suspect committed crimes against the country’s; Diplomats, President, Vice President etc.

8. Where a person is being demanded to go back to his country because of his race/ religion/ thoughts.

9. Where the UAE has started investigations against a person on the same case, they will not be handed back until investigations are completed.