How to Choose Wholesale Plastic Containers for Gift Shops

“Plastic containers” is a fairly generic term to cover all plastic and acrylic bins used for display, storage, or organization purposes. Because there are so many different varieties, choosing the right kind for your gift shop might seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry – the three steps below are designed to help you quickly and efficiently choose the best wholesale plastic containers for your gift shop.First, make sure your gift shop sells merchandise suitable for plastic containers.Although they seem like it sometimes, wholesale plastic containers don’t have display super powers! You can find them in different sizes, but there is a limit to the size of the items that can fit in them. As a gift shop manager, chances are high you sell merchandise that would fit comfortably in these kinds of bins. Before you decide what to purchase, though, take inventory of your shop. How much small merchandise do you have? How many containers would be suitable? If you overestimate the amount of product you have to display in the bins, you’ll waste money on fixtures you don’t necessarily need; if you underestimate, you’ll waste time.In addition to the size of the merchandise, you should also think about the type of the merchandise. If it’s edible, for example, and not already secured in some sort of wrapper, you’ll want to choose bins with lids to keep the product fresh and safe from debris and pair them with extras like scoops or tongs so your customers can easily retrieve what they want without touching the rest of it.Then, determine where you want to situate your plastic container displays.Once you’re sure you have the kind of merchandise that will fit in the fixtures and know exactly what merchandise you want to display, it’s time to decide where you want to situate your displays.Because you can find wholesale plastic containers in such a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, it’s easy to choose the ones that will fit best with your display space. You can even choose fixtures that will help you maximize that space. For example, plastic stackable containers are designed to sit one on top of the other – or, “stack” – which helps you create display space where there was none before.Finally, make sure you shop smart!As mentioned above, wholesale plastic containers are durable, versatile, and convenient. It’s for these reasons that these display fixtures tend to last for long periods of time – definitely giving their owners their money’s worth!However, there will undoubtedly come a time when you’re ready to retire the fixtures. Maybe they’ll acquire a few scratches, or maybe you’ll be ready to move on to other kinds of display tools. When that time comes, you can stretch your dollars spent purchasing the bins even further by recycling and reusing them as tools for organization and storage.As you’re shopping around for wholesale plastic containers, your first priority is to choose the fixtures that will work best with your merchandise and your display space; however, it’s a good idea to also think about the future. Will the bins you choose work well later on, when you’re ready to use them for another purpose? Are there a few that might act as organizational tools under your checkout counter? How about a few that would help you store extras in your stockroom?