How To Get Visitors To Your Web Site

To succeed in online business you need visitors to your sites. Lots of visitors! One of the easiest and still quite effective ways to get them is to join a few good hit exchange programs. These programs allow you to show your site directly to other people in return for viewing their sites. Some hit exchange programs are just excellent; others are not so good. How to pick up good ones?
First of all when you join such a program you normally get a bonus of free hits to your site. This may vary from 20 to 200 hits. Obviously,How To Get Visitors To Your Web Site Articles the greater is the number of hits, the more attractive is the program.
Another thing to consider is hit exchange ratio. 1:1 ratio means that for each site you view you will get one visitor to your own site. With 2:1 ratio you will need to view 2 sites to get your own site viewed once. Of course, 1:1 ratio looks nice, but it’s not quite realistic, actually. Every new member gets 20-200 free hits as a bonus for sign up. Besides, upline members get some hits from their referrals. 1:1 ratio will hardly allow to have all this. That’s why 2:1 ratio is honest and not so bad by the way. Some programs have 5:1 and even 6:1 ratio which means you will need to see 5 or 6 sites to get your own exposed once.
One more point to keep in mind is referral system. Many hit exchange programs reward you with up to 100 free hits for every person who joins the program under you. When your referral begins to surf for credits you also earn credits. For example, No More Hits gives you 40% of your first level referral’s hits and 10% of lower level referrals. In other words, when your immediate referral earns 10 hits you get 4 also; when a referral of your referral earns 10 hits you get 1 also. This structure is 6 levels deep and with the growth of your down line it may give you lots of hits.

Some programs offer you only 1 level of referrals, others – as many as 10 or even 20 levels. The golden mean is perhaps 5-6 levels, still.
Last but not the least point is if you enjoy dealing with this particular program. If you see right away where to click to sign up, where to click to start surfing and so on, then you like it. It’s extremely important in my opinion if you enjoy the surfing process itself. It is normally required that you spend some time viewing the site to earn a credit. But if there’s no clear indication of the moment when you may leave for the next site (just general instruction to wait 25 or 30 seconds) it’s often confusing. You get really annoyed to read time after time: “You’re surfing too fast; no credit earned”. Again good example is No More Hits. You see “Wait for Credit” while viewing the site and “Account Credited” when you may click to the next site. Easy and clear!
Also enjoyable is surfing with ClickSilo. They show you blue, red and green buttons and when you may go to the next site you see: “Click Red” or “Click Green”. Nice!
Take into consideration above-mentioned criteria – sign up bonus, exchange ratio, referral system and friendliness of the program. Join several good programs. You will surely get visitors to your site and at the same time receive interesting information from the others