No doubt material grandeur can be earned limitlessly yet it cannot be digested in a lone manner. Man’s stomach is quite tiny in size. Only limited amounts of food can enter it. Lest a lot of wealth is earned even if the enticement to use it all up greedily in a lone fashion is very intense yet it shall not be possible at all to do so. Whatever we devour in excess than what the body requires to remain healthy shall create ailments of diarrhea, vomiting, dysentery etc despite the food eaten is very tasty and nutritious.


Both physical and mental arenas have been created based on worldly material designing. Akin to other materials it too has its limitations and a periphery. In order to remain alive and immersing oneself in desirable activities limited energy, mobility, means and other mediums are most required. By overshooting this greed for limitlessly hoarding and enjoyment of it awakens in the mind know for sure that floods flowing away after breaking apart river banks due to its own unruly in disciplined behavior shall create nothing but havoc. Not only the scattered water in all directions gets wasted but due to this insane onrush so many agricultural fields, colonies of people, huts and other useful articles shall flow away in these floods rendering them totally useless.

From the standpoint of consuming limited means too can fulfill our needs quite well. Yet there is no limit to wastage of things. If someone so wishes by gathering cash notes of millions of dollars can guffaw aloud on lighting this pile of cash with a matchstick. Yet no man of true understanding shall either praise this stupid behavior or uphold it. Of course! Those who lick others’ feet in a ‘Yes Minister!’ manner for their own selfish ends agree to just about any whims and fancy based statements of boastful braggers out to chop off their own feet with an axe.

What to say of the Satan hiding in the human psyche? This Satan akin to a ghost demon residing on the Pipal tree no doubt remains invisible yet it exhibits so many curious tricks that man trapped in this illusion by becoming deluded akin to a gypsy roaming aimlessly in a complex labyrinth wastes his entire thought process energy in running here and there since he has lost his way. Desires of the mind supersedes n fold even the length, breadth and depth of the gigantic ocean. Desires cannot be fulfilled even by Super Demons like Bhasamasur, Vritrasur, Mahishasur etc. Hence what to say of lay humans who in order to experience satiation tries helplessly to find ways to fulfill his/her desires?

Deluded mankind today has limited itself to thinking the body to be his ultimate form because it is directly visible. The mind no doubt is invisible yet it too is a part and parcel of the body. It can be called the 11th sense organ too. Desires, yearnings etc are the combined sport of these two which despite going on since innumerable eons can never end. The living soul or Jiva bound in the complexity of material bondage experiences strange-curious lacks it remains discontented and painfully endures the harassment of worries and stress. Akin to a bull moving round and round tied to a pole despite laboring hard attains nothing but tiredness and despair. What is quite astounding is that in order to get freed from the trap of undesirable principles let alone making due efforts for the same man does not have the time or inclination to even think about this dire problem. In fact instead of this by taking up unruly unethical tasks in order to act as per his demonic whims and fancies he not only renders himself insane but incites others too even if he is of a very despicable hooligan like stature.


This then is the principle analysis of contemporary man. Foolishness is heard and talked of mockingly yet in reality it is so intense, full of allurement and imbued with potent onrush that to obstruct it is a very impossible like task for even the truly best amongst men. When this onrush like frenzy conjoins to a congregation the situation is rendered a gigantic sized lunatic’s asylum wherein patients in that realm get immersed in inciting, rendering downfallen, harassing each other. These people face nothing but heinous losses.

The singer of Bhagwad Geeta verily has said: When the world sleeps a Yogi remains awake. This unsolved riddle proves to be correct only when it is believed that instead of flowing with the present day stream of infinite waves of undesirable lowly elements the mind yearns to find a shore that gives true shelter. By setting aside today’s trend in vogue imbibing newer methods zest that takes recourse to aptness should be the key to true well being else wealth of water found in rivers, streams etc by falling into the salty water of the ocean shall become non drinkable.

At present everywhere a mist is covering the sky. Akin to autumn season everywhere we see trees devoid of leaves, fruits etc. the drum of downfall and defeat is loudly reverberating everywhere. The future appears dark and gloomy and it seems that mankind may any time perforce perform mass suicide. When rats and hare augment in number very abnormally and when there is a big lack of materials to feed them they akin to the Scandinavian lemur rush to big water areas to drown themselves. Those wise people who try to understand the influence and reactions of present day movements and activities for them it appears that destructive situations akin to clouds advancing towards to eastern skies are rushing towards mankind. Along with this the storm that accompanies it makes its own prophecy wherein it predicts that human existence, importance, prosperity and development etc shall definitely be engulfed hook, line and sinker by it.