Increase Your Targeted Twitter Following

Increasing your targeted following on Twitter requires a bit of patience and a well thought-out strategy. Twitter,Increase Your Targeted Twitter Following Articles a micro-blogging social networking site, is popular for businesses because of the no-cost, no-frills way the site is set up. Twitter is used by small companies, as well as larger companies like Starbucks, Dell and JetBlue to connect with their customers and clients, advertise new products, monitor their online brands and in general, monetize their businesses.

There are four steps to increasing your targeted Twitter following. First, follow people on Twitter who you consider to be your target audience. Second, post relevant information about your brand and news that is related to your brand. Third, never spam your followers with auto-tweets, or post the same URL over and over. Finally, follow smart people who are online marketers or who are leaders in your industry.

How to Follow the Right People on Twitter:

Before you start following people, make sure your Twitter feed has at least a few interesting posts. Most people on Twitter will not follow you back if your Twitter feed is blank. After you’ve started your micro-blog feed, start following your target audience. There are two ways you can do this. Go to and type in keywords related to your target audience. Let’s say you are selling an iPhone application. Type in keywords like “iPhone,” “bought an iPhone,” “iPhone app,” and other related keywords. Follow these people. If you post interesting, relevant things, there is a good chance they will follow you back.

You can also find your target Twitter following by going to Twitter and clicking on the “Find People” option. Type in keywords and any relevant industries and locations to find your followers. Start following these people.

Give Your Target Audience Relevant Information:

Post interesting news and reviews about your product, but don’t forget to also post related industry news. For instance, if you sell a particular gadget, you can post news about other gadgets.

One of the most important thing about gaining a targeted following is to retweet well and retweet often. If you see a relevant post by another Twitterer, retweet them. Many times, these Twitterers will see that you have retweeted them, and will follow you. This gives you access to their followers—just click on the “Followers” tab under these people, and start following. Be generous with your retweets—it’s one of the few tried-and-true ways of gaining a following.

Check often. Search for your brand name, for example. Are there happy customers? Follow them and thank them. Do you find angry, disgruntled customers? Follow them, retweet them, and ask them how you can fix the situation. There have been countless examples of people reaching customer service reps on Twitter, and then telling the Internet all about the great service that came from a company they had jus