Innovative Ways to Attract Online Business

Make your web site as consumer friendly as possible with these helpful tips.

Perhaps you’re the new owner of a business,Innovative Ways to Attract Online Business Articles or have been long established in an actual retail shop, and just want to put your items online to show the world what you have to offer.

The easiest way to do this is by being selfish! That’s right, think of what YOU like to see when you surf or shop online. Do you appreciate the beauty of a photograph that makes you want to put that product in the shopping cart, or are you lulled into a buying frenzy by moving images or techno music? Or does a simple text only site make the most sense to your needs?

Ease of Use
Most of us want things to be easy, whether we’re driving to the supermarket and want to find the fastest way to get there, or shopping online. We would probably all consider the way a site loads in less than 30 seconds to be more acceptable than a site that takes far longer and rewards you with a red X where a photograph should be!

Easy navigation is like the street that runs from east to west, not dividing into a dead end or curving into another street name. Buttons that are clearly labeled as to what the page represents, for example, on my site I clearly mark which button is for soap and which is for the monthly specials page. So should your site be concisely marked so that the visitor is encouraged to stay and learn more about your products. If you’re selling shoes, have the easy to read button, tab or link read shoes, not hoofwear! Being cute is nice, but being accurate with your description will get you more hits/sales!

Contact Page
Who are you? Obviously you’re quite familiar with your face when you see it every morning, but to millions of online surfers, you’re just a domain name or an e-mail address. Regardless of the fact that you may only have a couple of pages to serve as your online business card or e-tail store, or thousands of pages, you must include your contact information on every page! Why? Because you want to be contacted, right? That’s why you’ve chosen to put your site up. You must include an e-mail address, but that’s only for starters. To gain a potential customer’s trust, show that you’re an established entity. No matter what your location, if you do business from the United States, France, China, Germany, etc. and want to ship/do business with folks in other countries, you need to include a physical street address. That way, those of you who don’t choose to pay via credit card, PayPal or eCheck, can send you a check or money order. This address can be a post office box, a street address does look more like you own a serious business.
Phone and fax numbers are also a necessity. Even if that is a cellphone, please try to include that for those people who may wish to call and ask you questions about your products or service.
By being accessible both online and offline you stand a much better chance to do more business than you would if you just remained an online mystery site!