Is Your Property Business Still On Track – DIT-OAF?

We are all different of course and will have differing reactions to the sober thought of almost half the year having elapsed already. For those steaming ahead and striding forward with laser like focus towards their goals, I salute you. However, for the remainder of this article I am going to focus on what is most likely the majority category that I am going to call DIT-OAF’s, which stands for ‘Do It Tomorrow – Others At Fault’, and the harsh truth is that there’s a bit of a DIT-OAF in all of us.

But let’s not dwell on the failure point too much here. You don’t need me to tell you how to feel about not leading the life you want to lead, as you’re probably doing it every day. Let’s just say that a DIT-OAF likes to put things off for a myriad of reasons ranging from ‘It’s not the right time/market’ to ‘I haven’t got the time’. They also like to blame everyone and everything else for the fact things are not happening for them. The current property market is a prime excuse for OAF’s nationwide right now.

lunchtime results
lunchtime result
So whether you are an occasional DIT-OAF or a fully paid-up member of the club, what can you do about it to improve your results in the latter half of 2008? Well here are a few ideas:

The first thing to do is to challenge your ‘Why’ – is it still big enough? Revisit why it is that you are investing in property and see if it still holds true. If its not important enough to you then there’s no way you are going to be motivated enough to find the time for it and to push past the obstacles in order to achieve it!