ITIL – A threat to Enterprise Architecture

ITIL are a series of books and training manuals that outline and explain the practices that are the most beneficial to IT services,ITIL – A threat to Enterprise Architecture Articles usually manager focused. The goal of ITIL is for managers to have extremely high standards in IT value, as well as high financial quality in day to day IT operations. ITIL procedures are supplier independent and include instructional materials on IT infrastructure, operations and development issues.

There are several benefits for using the Information Technology Infrastructure Library for many of the client’s IT business needs and one main benefit is that through the guidelines and best practices that are taught in the library, the clients’ business can save a tremendous amount of money once implemented.

Another advantage of ITIL is that it will help your IT department organize and manage many different disciplines using one comprehensive volume. ITIL is the leader in IT guidelines and best practice publications; it has been tested in real world environments for over a decade and is proven to work.

While the advantages usually far outweigh the disadvantages, there are a couple of criticisms that are worth noting including the idea that most IT professionals consider ITIL a holistic approach to IT management.

In addition, there are also accusations by some IT professionals that following only the ITIL due to its acceptance by many IT managers as the authorized source has actually led to many businesses to skip pragmatic solutions for their specific business needs. Finally, another criticism of ITIL is that while some topics are covered extensively and are of high value, other topics may not receive enough emphasis with quality being uneven in certain publications.