La Jolla Homes in Residential Only Neighborhoods

Each has its own style and attributes. A handful of these neighborhoods are residential only neighborhoods. In other words, there are no businesses within the boundaries of these neighborhoods. Many people say that the best La Jolla homes can be found in these residential only sections of the community.

Residential only neighborhoods in La Jolla offer the best of both worlds. On the one hand, there is an almost rural seaside feeling to these areas where no businesses are located. They are quite, tranquil and private. On the other hand, each of these neighborhoods is located within such close proximity to mixed-use neighborhoods that it’s not inconvenient to get to local businesses as needed. The La Jolla homes that are contained in these residential hot spots are large, peaceful, beautiful, and tend to have terrific views.

Two of the most popular residential only neighborhoods in La Jolla are located on the slopes of Mount Soledad. This San Diego landmark is popular and well known for a few interesting reasons. For one thing, the top of it holds a very large-scale (and controversial) cross. The cross was originally a religious Easter cross and later became a Korean War Memorial. It’s a popular subject of La Jolla photos. Another reason people are interested in Mount Soledad is because Dr. Seuss’s former home is located here. Most importantly, there are terrific cycling trails to enjoy on Mount Soledad.

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The top two residential neighborhoods located in La Jolla on Mount Soledad are Hidden Valley and Muirlands. Hidden Valley is located on the lower portion of Mount Soledad. It is on the northern side of the landmark. Muirlands is on the west side of the landmark and is located at the center of the slope, approximately halfway up the mountain. Obviously, the La Jolla Homes in the Muirlands neighborhood have slightly better views thanks to their height. Both neighborhoods do have gorgeous homes, though.

Another residential only neighborhood that offers some great views is La Jolla Heights. This is a neighborhood of homes that are situated on top of the hills that overlook La Jolla Shores. The latter is the popular beach area of La Jolla where people go to picnic, kayak and enjoy other outdoor activities. Residents with homes at La Jolla Heights enjoy a great view of these fun activities as well as a broader view of the water beyond.

What about if you actually want to live by the water? The majority of the neighborhoods that are situated on the coast itself are mixed use neighborhoods. However, there is one coastal neighborhood that is residential only. Lower Hermosa is a coastal strip of land that makes up a small neighborhood of wonderful waterside homes. It is at the southern tip of a larger neighborhood called Beach-Barber Tract, which is primarily residential as well although it does have some shops and restaurants, too.