On Site or Off Site Reporting, Which is Best?

There is a lot of debate as to whether to do on site reports or wait until your back at the office to complete the home inspection report. Each method has its pros and cons. First we’ll discuss creating the home inspection report on site. With all the technology such as new home inspection software that will work on tablets and PDAs there is a lot of hype about creating home inspection reports on site. One benefit is that you can create the report as you do the inspection so you don’t have to go back and finish later. By creating on site reports you can market “On Site” reporting in your marketing materials as a benefit to using your service. With today’s fast paced environment creating on site home inspection reports might give you an edge over the competition.

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An important point to consider when trying to decide to do on site or off site home inspection reports is how long you’ve been an inspector. A major downside of advertising on site reports as a new home inspector is that you might run into an issue that you need to research further before reporting on it. As a new home inspector this will happen often and you’ll need to use the internet and inspection books before you can report on your findings accurately. If you fail to product an onsite home inspection report this may put the clients and realtor in a bind which doesn’t look good for your business.

This brings us to the main benefit of doing home inspection reports at the office. By doing reports at the office you have less distractions and more time to create a good home inspection report. If you run into an issue that you need to research more before reporting this can be easily done.

In conclusion if you’re a new home inspector it is highly recommended that you do your reports at the office until you get the hang of it. If you’re a seasoned veteran it may be a good choice to do on site home inspection reports.