Roasting Chestnuts, How to Roast Chestnuts

It is enjoyable to get the knowledge about how to roast chestnuts,Roasting Chestnuts, How to Roast Chestnuts Articles because roasted chestnuts are a scrumptious nibble. Per se, you can get roasted chestnuts at many street vendors, still to roast them by yourself can be tried just to learn something new. Chestnuts are liked by approximately all in the family and when you roast them in home, everyone can have a greater number than purchased from the hawker. Hence when you roast them by yourself sometimes, it is enjoyable for you and your loved ones.
Chestnuts are roasted using different ways. They can be roasted plain or salted. If you desire that they have to be as good-looking as well as delicious as those you purchase at the vendor, there are some small knacks also, which you can implement and you can cook a perfect professional-looking nibble at home.
Prior to roasting, the chestnuts need to be given cuts on the upper sides, preferably in the shape of an X. You can buy a particular knife too in shops which makes a mark of an X on the chestnuts. It is useful when you wish to roast chestnuts in bigger numbers. If you wish to roast not a very large number, the usual knife in your kitchen is enough for performing the work. The purpose of the slits is giving the steam off the nuts when they are being cooked, or the nuts can explode in the oven. They are also of use at the time when you peel off the nuts after roasting.

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After cleaning them with a damp cloth, place the chestnuts on the cutting tray with their flat side facing down. For more protection, you may keep them on a fresh cloth as well, so that they won’t escape from your hands while they are being cut, as you can cut your fingers if that happens. If you long for salty roasted chestnuts, grab a vessel of water and put two to three tablespoons of salt in it and place the nuts for soaking in the salted water for nearly sixty minutes. Next take them out and dry them with a clean dish cloth. Arrange them spread on a cookie paper with their flat sides down. Even at this stage, salt can be sprayed, for making salted chestnuts.
Heat the oven at 425° F and cook the chestnuts for fifteen to twenty minutes. It is desirable to turn them upside down after nearly ten minutes and then ensure after 20 minutes if they are through. You can check if they are done when their coverings are peeled off and the inner side turns golden. Be careful that you don’t overcook them; otherwise or else at least some of them will be ruined and won’t remain edible.
If you don’t want them salted, but want them as fleshy and delicious as you purchase them at the hawkers, there is a knack for doing that. After giving the X-shaped cut, boil the nuts, in plain water for around 15-20 minutes and you are through! No need to roast. If at all, you intend to a roasted appearance over them, you can grill them. Using this method, you get all your chestnuts appropriately cooked and almost all are edible. Also you can peel them off without a problem.