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It is well known how huge a Yogic diet can have on your mental and physical well-being. However, due to busy work schedules and packed daily routine, it must be not easy o maintain a diet revolving around sattvic foods only. It is, however, crucial to still be able o follow a Yogic diet and pay heed to the requirements of your body and soul. Some fundamental principles and types of Yogic diet are mentioned below:

Consciousness: Following a sattvic diet requires consciousness and willpower. You need o to be conscious of the choices you make, taking into consideration your lifestyle and health. Your diet must be self-reflective and must work towards the betterment of your mind and soul. It might take a while for it t

Yogic Diet: The yoga diet follows the ethnicity of yoga principles; concerning purity and nonviolence. It includes food items that help create positive energy and balance in your mind and body. They reflect a vegan or a vegetarian diet as the staple diet of their culture that can help you reap maximum benefits if followed correctly.

Sattvic diet:Sattvic foods promote health and vitality. They enable you to achieve strength and relaxation. They include medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables, honey, nuts, grains, seeds, or anything that is organically grown.

Rajasic diet: These diets are responsible for stimulating excess energy, which in turn causes lethargy, anger, and hyperactivity. It makes your mind restless and anxiety-prone. It includes meat, fish, coffee, sweets, chocolates, and eggs.