The best ways to perform cable crunches to stay fit every day

By far, cable crunches are my favourite. Since this is one of those few exercises where you can add weight to increase the potentiality of the results, this is my sole preference for strong abs. I favour the weighted cable crunches as I desire to build more size and strength on my abs. But you can choose as per your desire and preference while going for cable crunches.

Big abs are not just to flaunt, they are also vital for decreasing body fat and improving fitness in the body. This is the reason why cable crunches are gaining effect day by day.
How to do a cable crunch properly?

Whether you perform weighted cable crunches or any other form of this exercise, it is vital to perform it properly. By following the instructions, you will not only avoid injuries but will also open doors for instant results. Let us get into it:

Make sure to keep your butt high while leaning forward at the torso. That is when you can crunch downwards by contracting the abs. Your head should ideally be facing downwards and tucked in.
During each rep, you must remember to engage your abs in the best way. That is when your hip flexors will work like never before.
You can do the cable crunch facing the machine or the other way also. It is all up to you how you want to do it.
For the weighted cable crunches, make sure you start by adding lightweight as a heavyweight from the start can cause severe injuries.

How to perform abdominal cable crunches?

Whether you want six-pack abs or eight pack abs, abdominal cable crunches will help you gain of them without any hindrance. If you perform the workout correctly every day, there is no way that you can go wrong with this exercise. With a focus on the peak contraction position, you can exercise your abs like never before. Let us take a look at how to do it.

Stand or kneel against a high pulley by holding the bar tightly. You can ho it using a rope or by bare hands. Make sure that the bar is held to the back of your head and your wrists are close to your ears. This is the start position for the workout.
Carve an arc of your lower back and bend over slightly. This is vital for a great range of motion.
Crunch your elbows downwards. Make sure it is pivoting at the bottom of your ribcage.
Do not try to move your waist too much as it can hamper the balance. Squeeze hard then stand up until your back is arched again.
Now imagine that someone is trying to put a forearm across your back and you have to wrap yourself around it. That’s what you have to do next.
Perform the abdominal cable crunchesregularly for the best results.

How to perform Oblique cable crunches?