The easy way to edit mp4 videos from flipshare with windows movie maker

How do you transfer videos from FlipShare onto Windows Movie Maker?2.I want to transfer my flip video from flipshare, and edit the flip video in windows movie maker. How to do that? Any solution?3.Transferring videos from flipshare to windows movie maker?I’m trying to make a video project for math and i used my Flip video camera. I uploaded the movies to flipshare and I don’t like the way the credits are. So, I decided to switch to Windows movie maker. Since the videos were saved to my computer I just thought i would make the credits on WMM and put in the video clips. But when I tried to play the movie, it only showed snapshots of the movie clips I put in. Can anyone help me? Thx

so much4.How do you export a flip share video to windows movie maker?I’m tryin to make/edit some videos i made with the new flip camera. does anyone know how to get the videos into windows movie maker??5.Where Do I Export Videos From FlipShare In Order For Them To Work On Windows Movie Maker?I just bought a Flip Video and whenever i export a video to a folder, it doesnt let me open it or “click and drag” it onto windows movie maker. whenever I try i get this: The file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Documents is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?Don’t worry, the below tutorial will show you how to transfer flipshare video to windows movie maker:First, Export flip video to computer from flip video camcordersExport can be initiated by right-clicking on any video thumbnail, then selecting “Export to…” from the menu that appears.After you have selected to Export, an “About Exporting Videos” dialog opens. Select [Export] to begin exporting your videos, or [Don’t Export] to quit the process.Browse for the location to which you want to export the videos, then click [OK], or click [Make New Folder] to specify a different location.Second, transfer flip video to windows movie makerStep1.