What is Email Hosting and Why Use It?

An email hosting service is a company that manages and maintains an email server. Signing up for an email hosting service will provide you with an email hostingserver. To use an email service,What is Email Hosting and Why Use It? Articles all you need is a domain name. To manage, send, and maintain your email addresses, you can use an email hosting server.

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Most major eCommerce stores have in-house email servers to ensure that emails are sent on time to their intended recipients. Small businesses, on the other hand, rely on email hosting services from companies including Google, Zoho, Rackspace, and others.

Most website hosting companies have recently begun to provide email hosting servers as an add-on to their standard services, such as shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting. One of them is Cloudways. It provides managed cloud storage services as well as a Rackspace email hosting solution.

Email Service With Shared Web Hosting:

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A shared hosting service may provide this form of email service. Owing to email server limitations, you can’t use it to send or receive bulk emails.

Email Hosting by a Third-Party:

The majority of digital companies tend to use email hosting services provided by third parties. These are flexible, user-friendly email servers with excellent customer service. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for email hosting separately. As a result, the cost would be higher than if you got shared web hosting with an email service.