Woman’s World Magazine Diet Fosters Low Self-Esteem in Women

Since the early 70s and the advent of women’s lib, lots of women’s magazines have burst on to the scene. In the early 70s there were magazines like Family Circle, Woman’s Day and Ladies’ Home Journal reporting on the latest topics such as women’s rights and stay at home mothers as well as various other popular topics of the decade. As we progressed to the 80s and 90s, magazines for women like Shape, Fitness, and Self made their debut. Although all of these magazines are targeted for women, today’s women’s magazines have a different agenda. The agenda is to make women believe they are not good enough or beautiful enough as they are. Although these magazines cater to women of different ages and lifestyles, they all have one thing in common. Every one of these magazines has several diet sections for women. Woman’s World Magazine is no exception. Their diet is no different from Ladies Home Journal diet, in that it has the same agenda – to make women live up to impossible standards of beauty.
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

All magazines have a following. Their following is based on age and gender as well as content of the magazine. Woman’s World Magazine is a weekly publication that’s read by women approximately between the ages of 35-55. That might explain why Woman’s World Magazine diet is so popular. In their mid thirties, women start to get pudgy around the middle. Woman’s World Magazine diet promises cures for the “cottage cheese” effect, perimenopausal weight gain, menopausal weight gain, wrinkles and bags around the eyes, and women who simply want to recapture their youth by losing weight.

Profiting Off Our Insecurities

Every advertising agency knows women’s two biggest insecurities – looking old and getting fat. What better way to exploit us than by putting all sorts of ads for anti-aging creams and fad diets in magazines? In fact, every single woman’s magazine has at a minimum 10 advertisements for some sort of anti-aging product and at a minimum 15 advertisements for either a diet or some other weight loss related product. Let’s face it these magazines are making money off our insecurities.