Your Wine Collection is Who You Are

Your wine collection defines who you are by what you make it out to be. If you are a serious collector and panic if someone even touches your collection or if you break a bottle by accident and don’t care that is still who you are. You could collect every bottle of wine from an individual winery or the top 100 wine list for any given. Although I still hope that you are drinking some of your collection and not just hording it so that one day it will be useless. What good is a bottle of wine if you cannot enjoy it at one point. There is however a sweet reward in drinking a wine that has aged longer than some of our children because its been groomed and nurtured for its life and is ready. Now I’m not saying you should kill your wine collection every week either by drinking 80% of your stash but to drink it in moderation or if an event calls for such a bottle opening. There is also no wrong way to collect wine again

stating that your wine is yours and it is who you are. Make the most of your collection and do what you love to do with it. I myself love to come home at the end of the day or if I’d been gone all day and enjoy a fine wine and typically most of the bottle as I hate storing wine after its been opened because it damages the quality the longer it sits after being exposed to air. I know some people are fine with it but I am picky when it comes to that. However I will allow dust to gather on collected bottles of wine and that annoys some people. Basically as you probably have drawn a conclusion now of who you are with your wine collection you will see its perfectly fine to be the way you are with your wine. Be yourself and never adhere to someone else’s rules because they say thats the right way to do things. However do listen when it make sense to. For instance never leave a bottle sitting without a stopper in the top of it or into a vacuum storage decanter. Now thats just sound advice and not a preference unless you love stale wine then by all means enjoy that. Make the most of what you love and what you prefer in your collection and enjoy what you are doing. If my hobbies ever became stressful I’d stop altogether. Just love what you are doing and be who you are with your wine collection.